Megan Gyongyos

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"The attorneys at the Cochran Firm are doing the right thing....when we win cases, we effect real change." - Megan Gyongyos

Megan Gyongyos is an associate attorney in The Cochran Firm’s Los Angeles office.  Her primary practice area is civil litigation, with an emphasis on civil rights, police misconduct, wrongful death, and personal injury cases.

Ms. Gyongyos graduated summa cum laude from SouthwesternLawSchool.  During her time at SouthwesternLawSchool, Ms. Gyongyos was a Lead Articles Editor for the Southwestern Law Review.  During her third year of law school, Ms. Gyongyos participated in SouthwesternLawSchool’s Appellate Litigation Practicum, where she assisted in representing a Nevada inmate in his appeal from the Nevada District Court’s grant of summary judgment for the defendants on the inmate’s Eighth Amendment claims.  In connection with that appeal, Ms. Gyongyos presented oral argument in the Ninth Circuit, and won a partial reversal of summary judgment on behalf of the inmate.

Before attending Southwestern Law School, Ms. Gyongyos graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree.